Outlaw Elmer McCurdy Print
Written by Dee Cordry   
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 14:55

Excerpt from “Sideshow Outlaw: Elmer McCurdy

(Oklahombres Journal, Spring 1999 Vol. X #3)

On the night of March 23, 1911, Walter Jarrett; Lee Jarrett; Elmer McCurdy; and Ab Connor jumped aboard the train near Lenapah. This was Elmer's first attempt at cracking a safe, and he misjudged the amount of nitro to use; the safe became too hot. According to reports by the Pacific Express Company, the explosion threw the door of the safe across the car and tore a gaping hole in the entire side of the express car. Twisted silver coins lay on the floor of the express car. $4000 in silver, which had been inside the safe, was melted and blown into one corner of the car. Elmer retrieved a coal pick and attempted to chop the melted silver from the wall. Apparently he failed, for when the train arrived in Kansas City, a crowbar was used to extract the melted silver from the wall. The "take" in the robbery was a mere $450.

After this fiasco, Walter and Elmer decided to split their partnership. Walter went back to Missouri, while Elmer headed for the Osage Hills ………